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My experience with Kate and Royal

Bengal Cattery was fantastic, exactly what you want when adopting a new kitty! Kate was very helpful and responsive and the process was very easy and straight forward. I was provided pictures and videos of my new kitty before and after agreeing to adopt her. When at the cattery, I could tell that all the cats and kitties were loved and well cared for, I have never seen more social and sweet cats, they were all begging for pets even though I was a stranger! My new kitten transitioned into her new home without any problems, she is so playful, sweet, and cuddly, you can tell that Kate does a fantastic job raising kittens. I would definitely recommend Royal Bengal Cattery to anyone, you will not be disappointed. I can't thank them enough for my new fur baby!

bengal cat bengal cat bengal cat

Maryland а Soren Virginia

bengal kitten

Guangyu Yang

First of all, I want to say that Royal Bengal Cattery is very responsible and attentive. Before the kittens arrive at my house, I receive high-quality photos and videos of kittens every week. Every step of adopting a kitten is handled well, and they will ensure that the kitten is absolutely healthy. When the kitten arrives at my house, I can see that the kitten will not fear people. And kittens prefer to stay beside me rather than alone. Soon the kitten adapted to this new home and new life. I'm very happy about this. Royal Bengal Cattery is professional and attentive in every aspect. When the kitten arrived by plane, she was wearing a sweater. I think it's because Breeder is afraid she's cold on the plane. It makes me think that they will consider everything for your kitten. All in all, I had a good experience at the Royal Bengal Cattery. I believe my kitten lives well there too. Thank Royal Bengal Cattery, let me have a such a lovely kitten. 

bengal kittenbengal kitten bengal kitten bengal kitten

bengal kitten

Sacramento, California

bengal kitten

Tatiana and David Braut

We found RBC online and booked an appointment. Coming to their place was such a joy as it’s filled with gorgeous kittens and stunning adult cats. Ekaterina helped us choose the kitten that fits us best. She also provided all needed information and answered all my questions about the Bengals crystal clearly. The Cattery itself is a cozy place where cats look very comfortable and happy. Adult cats started immediately coming to us without being scared. That’s when we knew they treat the cats right. We fell in love with their cats personalities: strong, intelligent, and obviously gorgeous.

We were always fascinated by Bengal cats, but we were worried if these cats fit home lifestyle. I knew it was extremely important for Bengal cats to be sweet and domestic, they had to be with humans and not in cages, otherwise you will get a wild animal. Ekaterina does an amazing job at raising her kittens. We haven’t seen any wildness in our kitten at all. Moreover, she only breaks the stereotypes about bengals. For instance, she stays on our hands when we pick her up easily. Our bengal is the most gorgeous and well behaved kitten.
Meet baby Pixi. We are deeply in love with this highly intelligent and loving kitten. She has the best personality. Pixi comes to us wherever we stay in the apartment, and purrs all the time. It was surprising how quick she became a confident and happy member of our family. As soon as we entered our home, she only went to her restroom and nowhere else which was so surprising. It took her just a day to get to know the place, after which she was already sleeping with us and acting like she’s lived here since the beginning. Ekaterina stays in contact with me all the time helping with any questions and concerns about our Bengal. We highly recommend RBC to get your perfect Bengal.

bengal kitten bengal kitten

Watch Pixi on her journey on Instagram @snow.bengal.pixi

bengal kitten

We are beyond thrilled with our bengal! Kate runs a clean cattery with well socialized cats and kittens. We visited twice to meet our kitten, and received weekly photos and videos. We received a beautiful, playful kitten who has quickly become friends with our dog, older cats, and our toddler.

Kate is communicative and provides ample support to us as new bengal owners. We are documenting our life with our Royal Bengal kitten on Instagram: @snow_bengal_soren

bengal kitten

Stephanie and Patrick Pearce

Our experience at RBC was excellent! Every single kitten was beautiful and incredibly playful! It was super hard to choose which kitten to take home and even harder to just stop at one! RBC is an excellent cattery and we drove hours to get our kitten because of how amazing her and her litter mates were. I highly recommend RBC to anyone who is interested in bengals. Our Harper has grown into the most playful and social cat we have ever had! She’s everything we thought she would be. She’s incredibly smart it’s never a dull moment with her. She is also amazing with our 1 year old it’s the absolute cutest thing to watch them play together. She also was able to immediately integrate into the pack with all our other cats.

bengal kittenbengal kitten

Instagram: @Harper_Snow_Bengal

Virginia Beach, VA

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