bengal kitten

We are beyond thrilled with our bengal! Kate runs a clean cattery with well socialized cats and kittens. We visited twice to meet our kitten, and received weekly photos and videos. We received a beautiful, playful kitten who has quickly become friends with our dog, older cats, and our toddler.

Kate is communicative and provides ample support to us as new bengal owners. We are documenting our life with our Royal Bengal kitten on Instagram: @snow_bengal_soren

bengal kitten

Stephanie and Patrick Pearce

Our experience at RBC was excellent! Every single kitten was beautiful and incredibly playful! It was super hard to choose which kitten to take home and even harder to just stop at one! RBC is an excellent cattery and we drove hours to get our kitten because of how amazing her and her litter mates were. I highly recommend RBC to anyone who is interested in bengals. Our Harper has grown into the most playful and social cat we have ever had! She’s everything we thought she would be. She’s incredibly smart it’s never a dull moment with her. She is also amazing with our 1 year old it’s the absolute cutest thing to watch them play together. She also was able to immediately integrate into the pack with all our other cats.

bengal kittenbengal kitten

Instagram: @Harper_Snow_Bengal

Virginia Beach, VA

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