Bengal and Water

Do Bengal Cats Like to Swim?

Anyone who has ever owned a cat knows that most of them seem to be totally terrified of water and will avoid it at all costs except for their drinking water. Seriously, have you ever tried giving a cat a bath? Better be wearing protective clothing that’s for sure. You can bet that more times than not you’re going to be in for a huge fight. But, what about Bengal cats? Are they different than most of their domestic cousins? That’s what we will try to explain to you here in this particular post. In this post we will talk about the following:

  • Bengal Cats are Inquisitive and Adventurous
  • Are Bengal Cats Afraid of Water?
  • Do Bengal Cats Like to Swim?

Bengal Cats are Inquisitive and Adventurous

Right from the start when you bring home a Bengal cat you will discover just how curious and full of spunk your Bengal cat is. They seem to have no fear of anything and are constantly trying to figure out how things work and are willing to investigate anything and everything.

This kind of behavior is one of the key things that make Bengal cats so much fun to have around. You’ll soon discover that your Bengal cat is probably the most playful cats that you’ve ever owned. No matter what, they never get bored because they have an uncontrollable urge to want to interact with everything in their environment.

Some of the things they really enjoy doing are things that a lot of other cats just ignore either because they just don’t have the desire to try to figure out or perhaps it’s because they simply aren’t as intelligent as most Bengal cats are. Here are just a few things you might notice about a Bengal cat once you bring one into your home:

  • • They love to follow you around and get involved with what you are doing.
  • • They tend to figure out how to open up drawers, cabinet doors and even doors to other rooms.
  • • They love to steal things and then hide them.
  • • You might find them in the kitchen sink playing with dripping water.
  • • They might put their food in their water bowl to play with.
  • • May often try to follow you into the shower.
  • • Playing with the toilet.

Those are just a few things that you might discover that your Bengal cat loves to do or learn how to do. A lot of this is because of their extreme intelligence and their simple love to have fun.

Are Bengal Cats Afraid of Water?

Very quick answer, no. Unlike most of their domestic cousins who seem to think the world has ended when they get wet, Bengal cats seem to have an extreme fascination with water. It actually seems like it might be one of their favorite things to do, play with water, no matter where the water is.

26They love water so much that it’s always a good idea to keep their water bowl as far from their food bowl as possible or you might come in one day seeing your Bengal cat deliberately dropping dry food into the water just so they can bat it around with it’s paw or just sit there watching the food float around as it swells up with water.

You might notice if you leave the water running in the sink that your Bengal cat might be drawn to it so that they can get in on the action and have a little fun with the water by batting at it, letting the water run over their paw and then lapping it up. It’s amazing just how much fun a Bengal cat can receive from a steady stream of faucet water.

Whether it’s their water dish, a kitchen sink, toilet, shower or bathtub, if there’s water in it the Bengal cat is going to do their best to make it all a fun game. It’s amazing just how unafraid of water Bengal cats are and how entertaining it can be for you, their owner, to sit back and watch how they playfully and joyfully interact with water.

Do Bengal Cats Like to Swim?

Now, here’s the big question. We all know now that Bengal cats have no fear of water and tend to have an extreme fascination for it. But, does this mean they like to swim or even know how to swim? After all, the common domestic cat either is totally terrified of water and some may not even know how to swim. But what about that curious and playful Bengal cat?

Well, the answer to that would be a resounding yes! Not only do Bengal cats know how to swim but they seem to absolutely love it. Pretty unusual for a cat, wouldn’t you say? But when you see a Bengal cat doing it, it seems to be something very natural. They show absolutely no fear. Instead it’s more of a look of pure enjoyment when they are swimming.

Bengal cats love to swim just about any place you might allow them to. This means they’ll jump in a tub of water for a little swim, into a wading pool or even a full size swimming pool and join their owner for a nice relaxing swim.

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