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Do Bengal Cats Get Along With Dogs

Are you curious to how well Bengals and dogs get along? Are you considering getting a Bengal but already have a dog, or have a dog while interested in owning a Bengal? Bringing these two animals together in a home can be a very trying time if they don’t get along. We’re going to take a look at Bengal/canine interactions with these points:

  • • Do they get along?
  • • How can I keep both pets happy considering each other?
  • • Can I get my Bengal to like dogs?

Do they get along?

57This might just another question concerning whether a Bengal cat is right for you. So the quick answer, usually. Ranks Bengals as 5 out of 5 for getting along with dogs.

Every cat is an individual. What works for one owner, may not work for another. With that in mind, Bengals often get along well with dogs. They associate best with dogs that can be a playmate for them, as it can burn some of the energy of both pets at once.

Introducing a Bengal to a home with other pets is best done when the Bengal is just a kitten. This way, the Bengal will grow up knowing of a household with other pets and will best accommodate a new inclusion to the household.

This isn’t to say that a Bengal can’t be introduced to a home with pets already in it. The cat will likely accept the other pets perfectly fine as their friends or adopted siblings. It is best to do this by slowly introducing your new Bengal to the other pets.

This can safely be done by giving the Bengal its own litter tray, food and water bowls, toys, and maybe its own room for these items and to give your kitten some time to itself. These things can develop an accepting environment for all pets involved.

How can I keep both pets happy considering each other?

Keeping in mind, of course, that Bengals love to climb. If you are worried that your dog would nose your Bengal too much, a vertical escape would be a great way to give your Bengal some time without the dog. It can be a space for your Bengal to have time away from the dog, a space just for your Bengal to be by itself, or just a space for your Bengal to be comfortable.

It isn’t just the Bengal that should have its own space. Your dog should also have a space away from the cat, for comfort and even for protection. If one pet is hyper and wants to play, but the other pet doesn’t want to, the personal space will give that pet a feeling of security when it needs it. It’s the same if one of the pets has to have surgery. That space away from the other pet will be needed for your injury, beloved pet to recuperate. This doesn’t have to be a whole room dedicated to each pet. A section of a room or a bed all their own can give the same effect on a smaller scale.

Bengal Cat Helpline  also advises that taking their training seriously is detrimental to correcting a Bengal’s negative behavior. Their aggression when being forced to change a behavior that they do not want to change can become difficult to deal with.

If you won’t be able to cope with getting bit or experiencing a mock attack from a cat, then you may not be prepared to train a Bengal. For training away a behavior of aggression or malcontent towards a dog, a Bengal that accepts canines would be a better fit for you. Luckily, there are many like that.

Do Bengal Cats Get Along With Kids?

If you are thinking about getting yourself a Bengal cat and you have kids, more than likely you are concerned about whether or not this type of cat likes kids. Well, again, don’t be scared off by their name, because it has nothing to do with who they really are. Truth be known, once a Bengal cat is gently introduced into the family, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with just how much your Bengal cat will love your children.

One of the biggest reasons why Bengal cats get a long so well with children is that children are quite often much like the Bengal cat. This is because kids love to play, Bengal cats love to play. Kids are extremely curious, Bengal cats are also very curious and inquisitive, just like their counterparts, kids. Since kids love to play all kinds of fun games, Bengal cats tend to gravitate towards children because they too love playing all kinds of fun games that keep their minds active and not bored.

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