Kitten or Retired Cat? Retired breeder/show cats do make excellent pets, but it takes a bit of patience. These cats are used to living in the cattery as one of a larger group. Individual attention is sometimes a bit overwhelming to them, but in time, they can't get enough. When bringing them home, treat them as you would a kitten, confine them to a small area (bathrooms are best), when you are not home to be sure they are using the litter box appropriately in their new surroundings. Spend a few minutes "making friends" daily, scratching, petting, talking to them - even if they aren't asking for it. While kittens adjust in just 2 days, and adult will take 2 weeks. The advantages; price, show experience and titles, bathing experience, nail clipping/grooming experience, vet experience, crating/travel experience, manners, and litter box training already completed. In short you have a fully trained and usually shown kitty, it just takes more time to "make friends" with him/her.

Our Adult cats are top quality breeding cats that have had litters of kittens and then are spayed and ready to go to their loving permanent pet homes.

Bengal retired cat contract of sale

Shopard G-Afrodita

One of my Queen Aphrodite is looking for new home. She is very beautiful Queen with green eyes. She just after spay sergery and need more time to recover.

A little bit about Aphrodite. She is an independent cat and loves to be around you, but she doesn't like being petted. She will be happy to lie with you on the couch to watch a movie with you, but she will not allow you to take her in your arms. She is independent cat lol. She is okay with small kids if kids will not follow her everywhere. Friendly with another animals.

Breed: Bengal

Color Brown (Black) Spotted Tabby

DOB 02/18/2019

Sir: Miodollar Baby Viscount BEN n24

Dam: Lexie BEN n24

SBT: 021819 046 TICA Registration

Genetic tests: PKDef | PRA

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Price is $250

Royal Bengal Zara

bengal cat

Breed: Bengal

Color: Black Spotted tabby

DOB: 05/03/2018

Sir: Miodollar Baby Viscount

Dam: Shopard Lucia

SBT: 050318 TICA Registration

Genetic tests: PKDef | PRA

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Price is $250

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