Make Payments

Payment options:

Zelle, Cash App, Cash, and Venmo – ONLY AS FRIEND (Animals are not goods)

Credit Cards and PayPal

We do not accept credit cards, but a credit card payment is possible with PayPal. Monthly payments are accepted on your kitten if you wish to pay the balance in full before picking up your kitten. However, the final payment must be made in CASH when picking up your kitten.

We will add 4% to your balance if you wish to proceed with PayPal. The same for financial with PayPal.


Your balance is due $2,500, and you would like to pay with PayPal Financial. We will add 4% to $2,500. So, you will pay $2,590.

PayPal Calculator

When you click the PayPal button to place a deposit, we already add a 4% PayPal Fee. If you need to pay OTHER amounts, click the button ( Add $0.00 to help cover the fees).

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