Bengal Studs

When you look at the male Bengal cat, you understand it is a true descendant of the Asian leopard cat. Male Bengal cat reaches an impressive size and can weigh more than 10 kg. Despite their formidable appearance, male Bengal cats are very friendly and good-natured, but not aggressive and spiteful at all, as it may seem.

All our male Bengal cats, as all Bengals like active games, especially they like playing with water. Water for Bengals is a special element, the love to which came to male Bengal cats from wild ancestors.

All of our male cats, as well as female Bengal cats, are tested for carrying genetic diseases transmitted by inheritance. That is why we are sure of the robust health of our Bengal kittens.

At this page we present our male Bengal cats, their photos, pedigree and information on the genetic tests of each of them.

Solroyals Shadow of Sablinbengal

Breed: Bengal

Color:Seal Mink Charcoal Spotted tabby

DOB: 03/15/2019

SBT: 031519 110 | TICA Registratoin

Genetic tests: PKDef | PRA

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